Peering Into The Sustainable Future

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The world is running on borrowed time as we use up the finite resources. Consumption of the resources results in not only exhausting the planet but also polluting it more. We have all kinds of disasters happening all round the world. Due to these disasters, the pollution happening are often overlooked. But, because of the continuous efforts of some non-profit organizations, more people are getting awareness about the problems. There are thousands of products popping up left and right which are eco-friendly. One thing we have to understand is, if one is to make sense of the future we have to understand what happened in the past. Lots of disasters and lots of blaming to go around. Scientists and environmentalists have been shouting at the world to make changes to how we consume our resources. Then, it hit like s**t ton of bricks, that we cannot continue like anything in the past and it had to come from a 15 year old Swedish girl who started by protesting in front of the Swedish parliament.

From an article by the World Wild Life (WWL), a global research done by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) shows a staggering 71% rise in popularity for sustainable products over the past couple of years, which is continuing its growth even during the pandemic. There was also a surge in clicks for sustainable goods in high-income countries but the trend goes beyond that. It has also influenced some third world countries. Which leads us to new market opportunities for companies in industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fashion and food. People all over the world are now increasingly aware of the environmental planetary crisis, which in turn affects the behavior on searching for sustainable products which is dubbed “eco-awakening”.


All the multinational corporations are looking to expand on their sustainable products with millions of dollars injected into research every year. And, it’s not just these big companies that are in the game. A lot of startups and small companies with ground breaking sustainable products are taking advantage of the so-called “eco-awakening” to spread awareness of some amazing green products they have to offer to the rest of the populace. According to a report titled “An Eco-awakening: Measuring global awareness, engagement and action for nature”, analyzed the data collected from 2016 to 2020 in 27 languages, across 54 countries and covered 80% of the world population. Or so they say. 

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